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Ouya outselling Xbox One on Amazon.com

After the sales spike the Xbox seen due to release of Titanfall it seems normal service has been resumed. A list of the Best sellers in videogames shows the Ouya console at number 9 and the Xbox One currently two places behind. The Playstation 4 seems to marginally outselling both, sitting currently at number 7.


Of course, Amazon isn’t the only place to buy consoles from and it’s currently not particularly price competitive with the new consoles. Amazon in the UK had shown that the Xbox One wasn’t selling well at all but when sales figure were released it was the number 1 console for the last 4 weeks.

This news is relevant with gamers questioning the longevity of the sales increase after the mega-hit Titanfall dropped a few weeks ago, I think this has answered that question.


Is the future digital?

Will digital downloads of games replace the traditional method of purchasing a physical copy? Of course game companies would love this, they would save on production costs and pocket even more money. After the uproar and backlash Microsoft had when announcing the Xbox One was digital only we the gamers voted a resounding no to the idea. Is it only a matter of time before we see this coming into effect? Keep Reading..