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Never cheat on your girlfriend – Boyfriends TV and PS3 ruined

There are many fake videos circulating that depict women smashing their love rat boyfriends belongings but this seems legit. The video is foreign and the story behind it is unclear but one thing is for certain, don’t fu*k with this woman.



Hell, if someone did this to me it would hurt one million times more than a broken heart. I’d rather someone take my soul than my consoles, poor guy.


Giveaway – Courtesy of Speedlink

Thanks to all that entered. Competition is now closed


You may have noticed I have been doing a lot reviewing lately, including in these reviews were a whopping six Speedlink products! I’m giving you the chance to win one of these products with two lucky winners receiving a product of their choice up to the value of £110! See below how to enter.  But wait, there’s more!

Thrustmaster T100 Force Feedback Racing Wheel Review – PC/PS3

The Thrustmaster T100 is the latest in Thrustmasters long line of gaming wheels. I would say that Thrustmaster have a reputation as the worlds leading game wheel manufacturer and have had a long line of successful and great performing wheels. If it’s one thing they know about it’s how to make a good wheel and a wheel that gives value for money, no matter what budget you have. The T100 is a mid-ranged wheel which offers ‘force feedback’, something which you usually find on wheels priced much higher than this one. Keep reading

Gamer of the week – Rachel (aka Ms Fraggett)

It’s that time of the week again where we choose our gamer of the week to share with the world. This week is Rachel, who was chosen because of her passion for games as well as her ambition. Her Youtube channel is full of belly laughs and is worth checking out!

Name: Rachel              i8b9a49I

Age: 21

Gamertag: Ms Fraggett

Favorite Game(s): Zelda Ocarina of Time, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Interests: Rachel hobbies include singing, writing music and poetry. She can also play three instruments, with them being the violin, piano and guitar. Sweet! She also loves to entertain people and make them laugh. She is considered to be the comedian in her family and this humor is echoed in her videos.

Ambitions: Rachel one day hopes to play games competitively, this being something that has been a life long dream of hers.

Links: Rachels Youtube can be found here and you can catch her on twitter @MsFraggett

You too can be featured here, drop me an email to admin@videogamedebate.com or find me on twitter @videogamedebate if you want to be considered!

Twitch.tv gamers – Dollar make them holla

So yesterday I was pretty frustrated at not having a Titanfall code for either the Xbox One or PC, so found myself watching a few games on Twitch.tv. I have already vented my frustration at professional gamers but this service infuriated me further. Keep reading…

Attention Fanboys – Playstation and Xbox need eachother

Where would we be if there was one dominant console on the market and no competition? Probably not a good place. Competition in the console industry is the driving force behind innovation and pricing. With the latest news that Sony looks to have taken a demanding lead in the ongoing console war, we must question whether this is indeed good for the gaming industry. Keep reading…

Get featured on videogamedebate.com! – Gamer of the week

Achieved something outstanding this week? Maybe you should be honored for your lifetime commitment to games? Run a blog or Youtube channel and think you’re the next big thing? Get the recognition you deserve.

Every week I will be running a gamer of the week section, with huge internet based praise for the eventual winner. You will be featured on this site for our audience to admire your mad skills/dedication. You just need to tell me in a few words why you or your chosen person deserves this prestigious award.

Interested? Hit me up by sending me an email to admin@videogamedebate.com

I will be announcing the gamer of the week in.. errr… a week! So get sending your submissions!