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Ouya outselling Xbox One on Amazon.com

After the sales spike the Xbox seen due to release of Titanfall it seems normal service has been resumed. A list of the Best sellers in videogames shows the Ouya console at number 9 and the Xbox One currently two places behind. The Playstation 4 seems to marginally outselling both, sitting currently at number 7.


Of course, Amazon isn’t the only place to buy consoles from and it’s currently not particularly price competitive with the new consoles. Amazon in the UK had shown that the Xbox One wasn’t selling well at all but when sales figure were released it was the number 1 console for the last 4 weeks.

This news is relevant with gamers questioning the longevity of the sales increase after the mega-hit Titanfall dropped a few weeks ago, I think this has answered that question.


Top 5 worst gaming related tattoos

The subject of gaming tattoos is normally one filled with stories of amazing, well drawn, detailed, kick ass homages to some of gamings most pivotal moments and gaming heroes. These five are anything but what I’ve described. From the lame to the insane, here’s our choice of the worlds worst. Little may be known about the actual person behind the tattoos, but if you know any of the people in the pictures feel free to name and shame. Keep Reading…

How the average Xbox gamer looks according to facts

This is part of a new series where we look at the demographics of gamers and blend all these ingredients up and create the average user. Today is the turn of Xbox gamers.

So what do we know about Xbox users?

We know that the Xbox One is marketed towards the 18-34 year old male but despite this the average age is on the top end of this. It’s safe to assume the average Xbox Gamer is mid to late 30s, this being confirmed with the term ‘dad box’ which has been floating around recently.

We also know that the Xbox has the most users who spend most of their time online. Whether this be through games themselves or watching TV. So based on this assumption we can safely say that the Xbox gamer is probably the laziest and weightiest of the bunch.

We have to make assumptions if we want to create a character that represents the average Xbox gamer. We know that the average user who falls in to the 30s bracket is of a household with a relatively good income so this should be reflected in clothing. We know the late 30s age range will have greying hair, probably short and because of their laziness we can add relevant stubble and weight.

We can assume they will have a surprised look about them, possibly due to how bad their console is performing. It could also be due to the copious amounts of Red Bull they drink to keep themselves up all night gaming online. The Xbox is the place to be for FPS games so we can also be safe in saying that they are the angriest of console gamers, and this will be reflected in the facial expression.

Based on these facts and opinions I have come to the conclusion the average Xbox owner looks like this:



Attention Xbox fans! This picture was created with the Saints Row character creator and is not a mirror.


Top 5 Platform games of all time

Despite the demise of platform games in recent times, it is still a genre that many of us hold dear to heart. The majority of gamers would of started off as a child playing platform games and despite the decline in the genre there still remains a few gems released every now and then. Choosing five of the best from the huge selection was no easy task but they have been chosen based on innovation and ‘fun factor’. Keep Reading…

Gamer of the week – Rachel (aka Ms Fraggett)

It’s that time of the week again where we choose our gamer of the week to share with the world. This week is Rachel, who was chosen because of her passion for games as well as her ambition. Her Youtube channel is full of belly laughs and is worth checking out!

Name: Rachel              i8b9a49I

Age: 21

Gamertag: Ms Fraggett

Favorite Game(s): Zelda Ocarina of Time, Conker’s Bad Fur Day, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.

Interests: Rachel hobbies include singing, writing music and poetry. She can also play three instruments, with them being the violin, piano and guitar. Sweet! She also loves to entertain people and make them laugh. She is considered to be the comedian in her family and this humor is echoed in her videos.

Ambitions: Rachel one day hopes to play games competitively, this being something that has been a life long dream of hers.

Links: Rachels Youtube can be found here and you can catch her on twitter @MsFraggett

You too can be featured here, drop me an email to admin@videogamedebate.com or find me on twitter @videogamedebate if you want to be considered!

The mentality of fanboys explained – sorted by console they support

You’re probably wondering the reasons why I have made separate posts championing each console. The truth is that it was part of an experiment to see how different sections of fanboys respond. So, if you were one of those who fell for my clickbait I thank you. I shall try to explain the mindset of each fanboy in this post by console they support. Some of you may be able to relate, whilst some of you may be infuriated at the suggestions I make. I will list each set of fanboy in order of aggression, starting with the most aggressive and vocal first. Keep reading…

10 Reasons to ditch your console and buy a PC

A lot of people were infuriated with my 10 reasons to buy a PS4, Xbox One and Wii U posts so I’ve decided to argue a case for the ‘Master Race’. I haven’t used the term ‘gaming PC’ in the title because this conjures up images of mis-sold, pre-built PCs from ebay which are overpriced and can’t get the job done. A lot of console gamers are unsure where to start when purchasing or building a PC but it could be a wise choice, here’s why. Keep reading…