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FPS games – How the demand for realism ruined the genre

The FPS scene on consoles is now heavily dominated by Call of Duty and Battlefield, two games in direct competition which both strive for realism. They both have their legions of fans and are involved in a war of their own, but both are detrimental to the genre as a whole. Here I shall explain why. Keep Reading…


inFamous and Titanfall – Mediocrity overlooked?

Titanfall and inFamous have seen their fair share of praise and critical acclaim but both have glaring faults which have been overlooked. This is of course due to a drought in gaming goodness for the supposed ‘next-gen’ consoles. It’s been a long, cold, dry spell if you’re an Xbox One or PS4 owner. Never in the history of the Playstation or Xbox have I ever been so bored or underwhelmed by the offerings a few months in to their console lives. Have they just capitalized on a severe lack of games for each system or did we actually start believing the hype? Keep Reading…

Halo 2 Anniversary – What we expect

If rumors are true then we could see the next Halo remake at the end of this year. Halo 2 came top of our Top 5 Xbox Live games of all time and with good reason, because no other game has come close to emulating what it did for online gaming. Lessons can be learnt from the mediocre sales of Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, no mistakes can be made with the multiplayer like there was in that remake. Here’s what 343 needs to do to bring in sales and keep the fans happy.

Keep the Ranking system

halo 2 ranking system

This is key to it’s success or failure. Halo 2 had a brutal ranking system, the 1-50 skill based ranking system caused major headaches for everyone but it was the reason we all kept coming back. Getting to a level 40 was a major achievement, something we could be proud of, something that was respected by friends and the reason many of us kept playing. Sure, cheating was rife but no-one cared, we need a genuine ranking system in all FPS games even though recent games tell us otherwise. I sincerely hope that 343 do not replace the ranking system in any way, the fans don’t want a progression based levelling system and any modification of the system would spell disaster. Keep Reading…

Playstations dominance – Does it spell the end of innovation?

Everyone knows the Playstation has a significant lead over the Xbox One and the Wii U but does this lead to a change in the level of innovation we will see in future consoles? Both the Xbox One and Nintendo Wii U tried to bring something different to the table but these risks backfired and paved the way for the Playstation domination that followed. Are the general gaming public afraid of change? Surely there will be less risks taken due to the public backlash seen against the early Xbox One we seen pre-launch. Keep Reading….

Europe snubs the Xbox One and Titanfall – Why?

I reported a few weeks ago that the PS4 was crushing the Wii U and Xbox One and that momentum hasn’t ceased. This being despite the release of Titanfall, coupled with widespread official and non official price drops in the continent. Should Microsoft abandon all hope in Europe?
But wait, there’s more!

Ouya outselling Xbox One on Amazon.com

After the sales spike the Xbox seen due to release of Titanfall it seems normal service has been resumed. A list of the Best sellers in videogames shows the Ouya console at number 9 and the Xbox One currently two places behind. The Playstation 4 seems to marginally outselling both, sitting currently at number 7.


Of course, Amazon isn’t the only place to buy consoles from and it’s currently not particularly price competitive with the new consoles. Amazon in the UK had shown that the Xbox One wasn’t selling well at all but when sales figure were released it was the number 1 console for the last 4 weeks.

This news is relevant with gamers questioning the longevity of the sales increase after the mega-hit Titanfall dropped a few weeks ago, I think this has answered that question.

Xbox One currently outselling the PS4 globally

News has just come in that the Xbox One has shot straight to the top of the global hardware charts for the first time since it was released.

source: VGChartz.com

This follows the news that the Xbox One has been outselling the PS4 for the past 4 weeks in the UK. The above graph shows the Global sales. Th graph below shows the sales for the US alone and coincides with my prediction for the Xbox One to dominate the US in 2014 a few days ago.

US sales. Source: VGChartz.com
US sales. Source: VGChartz.com

Whether or not the current trend will continue is another question but this is great news for Microsoft and the games industry as a whole.