Youtube Power 10

Youtube is filled with gaming videos, in fact most people who own a console have dabbled in either game commentary, reviews, gameplay, trolling, montages and more. I’ve compiled a list which will be constantly updated with some of the best Youtube users which are ideal for when procrastinating on the internetz.

If you would like to be featured on this list or you disagree well tough luck, make better content and you may feature. Only kidding, if you wish for me to review your content and consider you then leave a comment or go here to find my email.  Here is the definitive list of the best Youtubers around, this list is based on our own personal opinion and not on view count or subscribers so everyone has a shot at making the grade.

1. NormalDifficulty – A guy who seems like he’s having the time of his life playing games, something we can all relate to. His commentary style is hilarious. His videos never get old!

2. videogames – A collection of gaming clips by various hilarious users. The Herbert the pervert videos are genius.

3. Northernlion – His videos are epic, I could listen to this guy talk for hours. His Binding of Isaac series is a huge hit, check him out!

4. SopranoPictures – No longer makes videos but will still make you lol…HARD. Trevor Trolls is the pick of his videos. mmm…Milky Beans!

5. IFreeMz – Another Youtuber who is an all rounder. I’m particuarly fond of his funny moments videos. 

6. MinionSlayer – Provides gameplay and commentary from a wide variety of games. Has the potential to grow in to a huge gaming powerhouse on Youtube.

7. UberHaxorNova –  When I’m feeling low I stick this guy on to cheer me up. I wish I was this cool. And popular. *Cries*

8. jahovaswitniss – Comedy genius. Funny moments galore! You WILL laugh your balls off. You’ve been warned.

9. GeneralMinus – Annoys tryhards for our amusement. I feel desperately sorry for anyone who takes games seriously and runs in to this guy.

10. TrollarchOffice – A community channel for funny & entertaining videos, this is a collection of some of the best clips online.


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